Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cycle for Success

I have been tracking my cycle with MyMoonCards for 3 years. I have been utterly amazed at the knowledge I have revealed about my own body. I love to learn and I read all these books about the woman's body, cycles, charting, etc. Yet still,it seemed crazy to have to read a book to learn about my own body. Sure, the information was helpful, yet not truly accurate for me. I didn't have the perfect 21 or 28 day cycle. There were so many things in these books that made me feel worse about myself. So, when I started charting with this "new" color coded moon cycle cards, I was at the same time excited and skeptical~ would I again find out how abnormal or irregular I am.
Well, thank goodness, this was not the case. MyMoonCards is letting me see that I am normal ~ whatever that really means! Through tracking, I have been able to see my own cycle patterns. I have been empowered through my own body. I love learning all my little crazies... like that I get the hiccups near ovulation and near menstruation. I now know that when my egg "pops" at ovulation I feel a twinge in my lower abdomen.(no, it's not my appendix!) I also know that a 25-day cycle, followed by a 30-day cycle pattern is totally NORMAL for me! I am normal, my own way of being normal. I am so much more accepting of my body, my self...and it is showing in my confidence, my interactions with others...
You don't have to believe me...just try MyMoonCards for yourself. I'd love to hear what you learn!
Just heard the new deck is in...gotta get mine before they run out!


Vivi Briongos said...

Sólo quería decirte que me encantaría que hagas una versión de este blog en español. Conocí tus cartas y quedé apasionadísima...

Ladyfertility said...

Wow I'm amazed to learn someone else out there shares my 'crazies' :D
no one believes me when I say so, but I too get hiccups at ovulation and right before my period! :D
And I too have patterns in my cycles, like one is 29, the next one 27 and so on! My mom told me it's because ovaries each take turns in ovulation, but no one seems to confirm this.


Marina said...

Jessica Is that great or what what a fantastic way for the body to let you KNOW what is happening with your egg!!!!