Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting the word out to every woman

Hello I had to give this blog some time before I wrote in here again. Yes I am the same one who thought she was pregnant at 9. Many years have gone by but I will never forget how little I knew and how innocent I was back then. I have focused my life on helping women gain wisdom about their bodies. Now way past my cycles, my passion is to get CYCLE know-how to women. No more misinformation or lack of it, no more fear of the mystery within, it is possible to understand the cycle and even to use it, yes. You can work with your own cycle, for your benefit, for success.

2006 What a year!
MyMoonCards cycle education for women, was born early in 2006 and then my moon cards and I went traveling around the planet. The circles began to happen in the US in the Midwifery Today conference in Philly, Midwife Alliance of North America congress in Baltimore, Fl Schools health educators conference in Orlando, Childbirth educator’s training in the FL Keys; in California in Santa Barbara, Topanga and Pasadena for circles with women and doula groups, and also with midwifery and medical students at the University of Concepcion in Chile, SA; to midwifery students and village ‘oportunidades’ women in Oaxaca Mexico and to midwives, doulas and women in Budapest and Pecs Hungary, Graz Austria, and Bad Wildbad in Germany. . I have never done so many miles in one year, and it looks like 2007 promises many more journeys.

The goal is to place cycle information in every woman’s hands so that by the year 2012 the menstrual cycle becomes women’s ‘common knowledge’. With that goal in mind I wanted to lend an orgasmic powerful and empowering feel to my sharing for women to ‘get it’. In the process of teaching the cycle circles and body talk role-play came to be.

Cycle Circle, a Peace Mandala.
This is a colorful circle to explain the Cycle and how to use the cards, and CLICK, it makes the menstrual/ovulation cycle easy to learn. The Cycle Mandala is made from veils-sarongs to illustrate the phases of the cycle and the color code of the cards. Women love it, they are learning and their response has been extraordinary.

Body-Talk a play
In the body-talk play we enact the cycle according to the cards, it is a blast and informative too. The Body-Talk show was performed first by doulas and midwives at the conference in Philly, and it was an all out success. I wish you could hear the ovaries talk to each other and make comments to the uterus about the woman…like they did in California and well, you should hear what the vulva has to say….

Other projects
One of the participants Karen an FSTM student midwife in Florida that went to the Oaxaca gathering has worked on a script and another group the one in Santa Barbara has put together a DVD for us. Check out MyMoonCards movie on the home page.

Red Tent
Women are very open to the red tent and many of the groups are building their own. In the conference in Graz Austria, Angelica the organizer had a room with a red tent for the participants to use. This red ‘tent’ is a community tent that women can set up anywhere for honoring and healing women. We have been asked to set up tents the Wise Women gathering in Gainesville Florida this April, and for the US social forum in Atlanta in July.

Cycle Sharing
You can share in your circles or between you and your daughter the cycle wisdom contained in the cards. Keep in touch we are here to help you get going. We are traveling, teaching and setting up Red Tents. Let us know if you like to set up a tent in your community.

Team up
We need to study the cycle and the moon. Is any one interested out there?. We need writers, public relations women who can connect this project to other women. We need translators for every language. We need to go everywhere specially to villages and out posts, we need you to get involved, if you are moved, please let us hear from you soon.

I look forward to women's health sharing by way of artistic expression. I am very much enjoying the process. We have spoken in many tongues and with the universal language of the body. Past our cultures we are all very similar in our physiology, we are, women. Marina

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