Thursday, January 4, 2007

Pregnant at 9

When I was nine years old I thought for sure I was pregnant.
That day I had a feeling of sickness during the train ride to the hot springs and while my grandparents went on to soak in the pools, I took a walk by myself to consider my situation.
My period had not arrived for a long time, the nausea thing was not going away, there was something different, off. Like what women said they felt when they were like I was.
Pregnant for sure, I knew it. I figured I would be a great mom,
I loved playing with dolls and babies. No, I was not going to tell anyone that day, I concluded.
My belly would show and then they would know.

Good thing too because off course I was not even close to being pregnant, now I know.
My first period was one little spot of blood about 3 months earlier and then nothing.
I was having my first premenstrual experience, a shift in hormones, not a pregnancy, and since I sure did not know what was going on, I assumed that no period was a pregnancy, never mind that I was a virgin. I was nine and my periods had began light and infrequent. But before they got going regular I experienced nausea, headaches and confusing feelings before menstruation.

What was your first year of periods like? what happen?
Were you ready or did you think you were pregnant like me?
I can not possibly be the only girl that this happened to.
Best stupid than real because a pregnancy at nine is nothing to be glad about. That's that, Ella

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